Did you know turnip greens are a superfood? They are a fantastic source of vitamins K, A, and B. They are great for your skin and hair and could lower your risk of heart disease and stroke. In Arkansas, we typically cook these greens with salt and grease, and although it makes them delicious, it lowers the nutritional benefits of the greens. To get the most health benefits, it’s best to consume these greens raw. We know a straight green smoothie can be tough to get down, so we’ve come up with a recipe that utilizes raw turnip greens but tastes delicious!

Tropical Turnip Smoothie

1 cup raw turnip greens, removing leafy greens from the stem
8 mint leaves, removing leaves from the stem
1 banana
1.5 cups of frozen tropical fruit (we used a blend that included mango, pineapple, and strawberries)
1 cup coconut water

Blend until smooth and enjoy!