Food Banks and Hunger Agencies

“We delivered over 5000 pounds of potatoes to 412 families last month in the Bradley County area. They were so thankful.”

—Wilson Chapel, Warren, AR

Food Banks in Arkansas

Arkansas’s six Feeding America food banks are at the heart of the Alliance network of hunger relief organizations. The food banks serve as giant distribution sites for millions of pounds of food and other relief items that go out into the regions they serve. These millions of pounds of food are distributed to individuals and families in need by local food pantries, soup kitchens,  shelters and other non-profit organizations that feed the hungry.



Arkansas Foodbank
4301 West 65th Street | Little Rock, Arkansas | 72209
Phone : 501-565-8121 | FAX: 501-565-0180
Arkansas Foodbank, the largest food bank in Arkansas, is a member of Feeding America and the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance. Its recent merger with the Arkansas Rice Depot creates new and innovative programming focused on serving hungry Arkansans with more healthy and nutritious food. Programs like Food For Kids, Food For Families, and Food For Seniors provide food and other resources for more than 450 food pantries, soup kitchens, schools, colleges, shelters, senior centers, summer feeding sites, and other agencies that provide aid directly to hungry Arkansans. The Foodbank primarily serves 33 counties in Central and Southern Arkansas but also assists other Feeding America food banks in the state and region.

Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas
3414 One Place |Jonesboro, Arkansas | 72404
P.O. Box 2097 | Jonesboro, Arkansas | 72402
Phone: 870-932-3663 | FAX: 870-933-6639
The Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas works to eliminate hunger by distributing food to people in need through a network of non-profit agencies and programs. Since its founding in 1983, the food bank has distributed more than 25 million pounds of food throughout northeast Arkansas.

Food Bank of North Central Arkansas
14215 Hwy 5 South | Norfork, Arkansas | 72658
Phone: 870-499-7565 | FAX: 870-499-3500
The Food Bank of North Central Arkansas began in 1982 as a soup kitchen feeding thousands of displaced people in need of food and shelter. Today more than 1.6 million pounds of food are distributed annually throughout their nine county service area as a Partner Distribution Organization of Feeding America.

River Valley Regional Food Bank
1617 South Zero | Fort Smith, AR | 72901
Phone: 479-785-0582 | FAX: 479-785-3218
In June of 1986, a need was identified in the Fort Smith area for a large-scale hunger relief organization. The Crawford Sebastian Community Development Council Board approved the creation of a food bank to serve those counties, and by the end of 1987 the food bank had distributed 250,000 pounds of grocery products to 75 member agencies. Today, the food bank distributes more than 3.5 million pounds of food and serves over 190 member organizations annually.

Northwest Arkansas Food Bank
1378 June Self Drive | Bethel Heights, AR | 72764
Phone: 479-872-8774 | FAX: 479-872-8777
The Northwest Arkansas Food Bank serves over 450,000 people 
annually in Benton, Washington, Madison and Carroll counties through their partnerships with local human service agencies. One in four northwest Arkansas residents faces food insecurity in any given week. Of the clients served by the food bank and its agencies, 40 percent are children under the age of 18. In 2011 the food bank distributed 5.3 million pounds of food through their 161 partner agencies.

Harvest Regional Food Bank
3120 East 19th | Texarkana, AR | 71854
Phone: 870-774-1398 | FAX: 870-774-1905
Harvest Texarkana began as a food rescue organization collecting excess prepared food from restaurants for immediate distribution and use by shelters and soup kitchens in Texarkana. In 2005, Harvest Texarkana began food banking in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita that devastated the Gulf Coast. The food bank solicits donations of food from local, regional, and national producers and manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and supermarkets, and collects additional products through organized community food drives. In 2011, the food bank distributed 2.4 million pounds of food to agencies in their service area.

Arkansas Hunger Agencies

Food pantries, soup kitchens and shelters (referred to as agencies) provide direct relief to hungry people in communities across Arkansas. Hunger relief agencies can be located almost anywhere in a town or city. Many local hunger relief agencies are located in churches, schools, missions, senior centers and other accessable locations. People who are unable to buy enough food to feed themselves and their families can go to local hunger relief agencies and get the food they need, at no charge. Hunger relief agencies are usually open on specified days and between certain hours, so it is important to be familiar with your local agency’s hours of operation.

To find local hunger relief agencies in your area, try one of the  links below.