Arkansas Beef Project

Where’s the Beef?

Protein is an important part of a healthy diet, yet most low income Arkansans cannot afford to buy meat on a regular basis. When they can buy meat, it often has a very high fat content. Similarly, food banks don’t have reliable sources for affordable meat protein. The Arkansas Beef Project, a program from  the  Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance in partnership with the Arkansas Cattlemen’s Association and Farmers Feeding the World, offers cattle ranchers a unique opportunity to provide a much needed source of protein to many Arkansas children and families in need.


Three Ways to Get Involved

Arkansas cattlemen and others can donate to the Arkansas Beef Project in three ways:

  • Cash donations. Money is used to purchase domestic ground beef and process donated animals.
  • Donate a live cow/bull. An adult cow/bull is transported to a USDA approved facility where it is processed.
  • Donate a calf. It can be raised by a cattleman or cattlewoman, then donated to the program.


All donated beef is distributed in one-pound portions to food banks and food pantries

across the state to help food insecure Arkansans have a reliable source of protein.

AHRA Beef Project.logoLine up against hunger!

Make a tax-deductible donation to the Arkansas Beef Project.Seniors split pills to afford ground beef once a week—this project helps those seniors and almost 20% of Arkansans who aren’t sure where they will find their next meal. Supporting our food banks and food pantries with sources of local produce and protein means families who cannot afford meat, fresh fruit or vegetables can still benefit from Arkansas’s bountiful harvest and generous spirit.



For more information contact Brandon Chapman at  or Michelle Shope at