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“I had an opportunity to see for myself that children were going into the trash and eating behind children that didn’t finish… That taught me that these kids were really hungry, and there was a greater need than we were providing for.”Annette Dove, Executive Director, TOPP’s Inc., Pine Bluff, AR


Find an At Risk Afterschool Meals program near you.  

Kids Need More than Lunch

It’s a long time between school lunch one day and school breakfast the next. Afterschool meals programs help close the dinner-time gap by offering hungry children an afternoon snack or nutritious dinner along with a fun educational activity. Without this meal, many children who rely on school meals may go to bed hungry and arrive back in the classroom focused on their hunger instead of schoolwork. A nutritious evening meal also makes it less likely that kids will choose candy bars, potato chips and soft drinks as ways to quiet their growling stomachs.

Find an Afterschool Meals Program Near You
There are US Department of Agriculture (USDA) authorized Afterschool Meals Programs in almost every county in Arkansas. Use the Department of Human Services program locator tool to find an Afterschool Meals Program near you at Select Facility Search by Zip Code for the At Risk Program. Enter the number of miles from your home or school to find available programs.

Be an Afterschool Meals Program Sponsor
Afterschool enrichment programs can receive cash reimbursement from the USDA for snacks and meals under USDA’s Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). The program is available in locations where at least 50 percent of children are eligible for free and reduced-price meals. Reimbursement is currently set at $2.98 for an afterschool meal and $.82 for a snack. The program is administered in Arkansas by the Arkansas Department of Human Services.

Anyone interested in becoming a USDA approved Afterschool Meals program sponsor or in adding program sites to their existing efforts should contact the Arkansas No Kid Hungry Out-of-School team at  or call 501-399-9999.

Grants: Improving The Odds of Success

Afterschool programs are critical in ensuring children get three healthy meals each day. As an added incentive to new or existing Afterschool Meals program sponsors, Share Our Strength, a national non-profit organization devoted to ending childhood hunger, and the Arkansas No Kid Hungry campaign are offering No Kid Hungry grants up to $1000 to authorized USDA Afterschool Meals Program sponsors to help build program capacity. If you are an authorized Afterschool Program Sponsor and would like more information about No Kid Hungry grants, read through the information below and contact the Arkansas No Kid Hungry Out-of-School team at or call 501-399-9999.

Afterschool Meals Program Grants

CACFP Afterschool Meals Program Expansion
 Grant Application
This grant opportunity is for funding from Share Our Strength and the Arkansas No Kid Hungry campaign to help afterschool programs expand access to and participation in afterschool meal programs that receive reimbursement through the USDA’s Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).

Our overall goal is ensuring all children get all the nutritious meals they need each day using the USDA’s afterschool meals program, which provides reimbursement for each meal served Helping afterschool program sponsors increase their ability to provide healthy, nutritious evening meals is the way we reach that goal.

Programs That Qualify

  • New evening meal programs supported by CACFP.
  • Programs currently providing afterschool snacks supported by CACFP who wish to expand their program to provide a full meal in place of or in addition to a snack.
  • Programs currently providing a CACFP supported supper, looking to expand or enhance their program to help them reach more children.
  • Sponsors of CACFP supported snack or meal programs, looking to add additional sites or help current sites switch from snack to meal.


These grants are intended to help with non-food costs associated with starting or growing an afterschool meal program, including:

  • Staffing
  • Equipment (such as milk box coolers, refrigerators, tables, chairs, transportation, etc)
  • Program costs (per USDA guidelines, programs that wish to provide a full supper and/or snack must provide some kind of enrichment programming)
  • Outreach materials and activities to increase enrollment
  • Support to offset registration or other enrollment fees for low income families
  • Transportation


The No Kid Hungry Grant Application Period opens September 1, 2015

The grant period runs through November 10, 2015. Please contact Patty Barker, Arkansas No Kid Hungry campaign director at or call 501.399.9999 if your organization has special circumstances that will prevent you from meeting the deadline.

Grants can be requested in any amount up to $1,000, with the average grant being $500. All applicants must submit a complete application; incomplete applications will not be considered. Grant applications will be evaluated based on:

  • Adherence to Eligibility and Requirements guidelines
  • Program sustainability beyond the grant funding period
  • Growth potential for CACFP afterschool meals and snack program participation
  • Grants will only be awarded to sponsors once  they receive DHS approval.


How to Apply:
1. Please read the section above on Eligibility to ensure your organization qualifies to apply for this grant.
2. Download and read these instructions on how to setup a profile in our online grants management system. No Kid Hungry Grant Application Instructions
3. Using the instructions above as a guide, click the following link to start the application process. CLICK HERE TO APPLY
4. After completing the application and the “Missing Items” list at the end of the application is empty, you will see a submit button. You must click this button to finalize your application. After clicking Submit, you will receive an email to confirm that you have successfully submitted your grant application.

Have Questions?
If you have any questions about the information asked for in the application or the CACFP afterschool meals program in general, please contact our Out-of-School team at  or call 501-399-9999.