Your donations make it possible for us to continue battling food insecurity in Arkansas and bringing new programs and resources to children and families.

Thank you.

Commemorative Gifts.

A memorial gift is a meaningful way to honor the memory of a loved one. An honorarium is a unique way to recognize a special person in your life or to commemorate a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or holiday. When a commemorative gift is received, the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance will send an acknowledgment to the person you designate informing them of your gift. When you make a donation in the name of a friend or a loved one, your money will be going to help fight hunger in our state.

Donating: Money or food?

Both have their place in making sure there is enough food to feed hungry Arkansans.
• Every dollar you contribute can represent three meals for a person in need. Through our Donation and Purchasing programs, we are able to acquire food for far less than you can buy it in your local grocery store. Making cash donations means your dollar can buy more and do more.

• Food drives are a great way to help stock the shelves of local food pantries. If your organization is interested in holding a food drive, contact us for more information. We’ll connect you with an Alliance member pantry or food bank in your area that can benefit from your generosity. And remember, families need items that SNAP (food stamps) won’t buy, such as toothpaste, paper products, deodorant, soap, dishwashing liquid and other items of daily living. Be sure to include these on your list of requested donations.

• Manufacturing, distribution, agricultural and retail businesses are important sources of much needed food as well as non-food donations. If your business is interested in making in-kind contributions, contact Michelle Shope at mshope@arhungeralliance.org.

Be a Sustaining Donor

Receiving regular contributions from donors makes budgeting decisions more proactive and far reaching. You can make sure children and families have access to healthy food and nutrition programs all year round by making monthly or quarterly contributions to the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance through our automatic draft option. To set up your automatic draft sustaining donation call us at 501-399-9999 or email Temeka Williams for details at twilliams@arhungeralliance.org.

Self-directed donations

When you donate to the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance, please let us know if there is a particular program you would like your dollars to go toward. Unspecified donations will be used where they can do the most good.