No Arkansan should ever go to bed hungry.

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My Opportunity To Make An Impact

I knew this would be a unique experience because I am from a single parent low income household. There were many times that my mom and family had to choose between food and other necessities.

USDA Child Nutrition Programs: Protecting & Strengthening Our Kids

As a state that is consistently at or near the top of the national poverty rankings, Arkansas’s need for anti-poverty and anti-hunger programs is very high. People living in poverty stands at 19%, households considered food insecure is 19.1%. Twenty seven percent of children live in poverty and one in four (26.3%) are food insecure.

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In 2016, our six Feeding  America  food bank members along with Project Hope distributed 52,223,002 pounds of food to programs and agencies that directly feed Arkansans in need.

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1 in 4 Arkansas kids are food insecure.

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Text FOOD to 877 877 to find free summer meals sites for kids

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Arkansas ranks #1 in senior hunger.

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Many elderly Arkansans must choose between buying food or medication.

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Almost 500,000 Arkansas residents (1 in 6) receive federal food assistance.

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Poverty is the main cause of hunger.

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More than 40% of Arkansas people on food assistance are in working families.

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Arkansas ranks #2 in the nation in hunger?
18.4% of Arkansas households are food insecure.


The Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance, through our member food banks, hunger relief agencies, volunteers and corporate partners, is committed to providing programs, food resources, education and advocacy to reduce hunger in Arkansas. Your interest and generosity will help us succeed.

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